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Going on hiatus

As you can probably tell by the fact that there hasn't been a new post on this site in two months, we're going on hiatus. It's a significant amount of work to research and write a response to Coulter every week. As this isn't our day jobs, this site is a considerable investment of time.

Frankly, it's also quite draining to constantly see Coulter consistently given a platform for her venom, in spite of her history of smears, distortions of fact, and character assassination.

Readership is also quite low. We never really figured out a way to advertise properly and get a consistent readership.

So if you find this site valuable, interesting, or even just thought-provoking, please drop us a quick email.

We are still of the opinion that there needs to be a rational counterpoint to Coulter's violent rhetoric that cheapens our national political discourse.

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Why Coulter's word matters

Coulter's "faggot" comment at this year's CPAC ignited a media firestorm. She immediately began capitalizing on it. Three days after her comment, Coulter canceled her scheduled appearance on the possibly-critical CNN, but did appear on FOX News's Hannity & Colmes. The next day she also appeared on Sean Hannity's radio show, where she said this:

I don't think there's anything offensive about any variation of faggy, faggotry, faggot, fag. It's a schoolyard taunt. It means — it means wussy. It means, you know, Hillary giving a speech in a fake Southern drawl — that's faggy. A trial lawyer who weeps before juries is faggy. Lifetime-type TV, faggy.

Of course, what Coulter means by "wussy" is that it suggests the accused "fag" is feminine. In our culture, gays are constantly stereotyped as being un-manly and feminine, so accusing a man of being gay necessarily implies that he is, also, feminine. It's a standard tactic of the right-wing shock jocks, and Coulter is not new to it. She has previously accused Bill Clinton and Al Gore of being gay and Hillary Clinton of being a lesbian. This isn't so much an accusation about their sexual orientation as it is an attack on their fulfillment of traditional gender roles.

It is a sad irony that, the very day Coulter called John Edwards a "faggot," police released a sketch of a suspect wanted in a February gay-bashing and homicide. From the Advocate:

[Andrew] Anthos died February 23, 10 days after a fellow bus rider, spouting antigay slurs, paralyzed him with a blow from behind with a metal pipe.

It should not come as any surprise if the slurs that the assailant shouted while beating Anthos to death were very similar to Coulter's slur against Edwards.

Similarly, less than a week after CPAC, the Soulforce Equality Ride bus was vandalized.

Vandalism of the Equality Ride bus saying

Other vandalism of the bus included obscene drawings and "God does not love feary [sic] fucks." (At least Coulter can spell.) This continues a trend of vandalism of the Equality Ride. Last year, the bus was spray-painted with "Fags Mobile." There's that "unoffensive" word again.

Actions like this and the attitude behind them show why Coulter's choice of words matters. It was not just an attack on Edwards that Coulter made. She included him in one of the groups the right-wing despises the most. It was an attack on his dignity and his masculinity, all rolled up into one. It was an attempt to dehumanize him and rob him of the very thing that makes every person a person of value.

March 14th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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Two more

Two more newspapers have dropped Coulter's syndicated column. Media Matters for America reports that the Daily Bulletin in Ontario, California and the Herald & Review in Decatur, Illinois have both dropped her. Editor Gary Sawyer from the Herald wrote:

…Coulter’s column has become a one note symphony. Every column is about how liberals can’t be believed, the New York Times is in bed with radical Muslims, the Washington Post is guilty of treason, etc. There are plenty of issues in this nation that should be discussed and we wish that Coulter would discuss more of them. Instead, her columns have become more and more frequently one issue rants.

We applaud Herald & Review for being the second Illinois paper to restore some modicum of civility to public debate.

March 13th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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Sheriff doesn't know anything about voter fraud investigation

The Indian Road mansion in Palm Beach formerly owned by Ann Coulter's realtor has sold to new owners. Coulter used this house's address on her Palm Beach voter registration in order to keep her true address a secret for personal security reasons. From a recent Palm Beach Post article:

The sellers are Suzanne and David Frisbie. She's the one who told the truth about Coulter. ("No, she doesn't live here.")

Despite Coulter's past protestations in print and on television that she lives in New York City (then why did she vote in Palm Beach?), her lawyer, former South Florida federal prosecutor Marcos Jimenez, confirmed to Supervisor of Elections Arthur Anderson that Coulter resides in Palm Beach.

Still, charges have yet to be filed against Coulter for voter fraud; since it was turned over to State Attorney Barry Krischer, the case has virtually disappeared. Sheriff Ric Bradshaw — whose office is supposedly non-partisan and supposedly has a deputy investigating the case — turned up to watch Coulter at a recent Lincoln Day Gala for the Republican Party in Palm Beach.

When asked about the investigation into Coulter's voter registration irregularities, Bradshaw said, "I don't know anything about that."

About Bradshaw's presence at the Republican event, an unidentified former Bradshaw staffer commented, "In a county with such an overwhelming majority of Dems, this wasn't the smartest thing to do."


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Lucky number seven

Four more newspapers have dropped Coulter's column, bringing the total to seven. They are: the Sanford Herald (North Carolina), The Times (Shreveport, LA), the American Press (Lake Charles, LA), and The DeKalb Daily Chronicle (Illinois). In the editorial that The DeKalb Daily Chronicle ran, explaining why they dropped her column, the editors said:

If she were an employee and referred to another human being as a “faggot,” her employment would be short-lived. As it is, the acerbic Coulter is a syndicated columnist whose material is distributed through Universal Press Syndicate. Universal President and Editor Lee Salem has responded to Coulter's remarks by saying, “She is not an employee, and we have no legal power to ‘fire' her.”

That's a lot like the Chronicle saying, “She didn't say it in one of the columns we ran, so it isn't our problem.” Wrong. It is our problem, and not dealing with it is a cop-out.

So yesterday we called Universal Press Syndicate and “fired” Coulter. What she said was wrong and hurtful and stepped way beyond the line of human decency, much less political commentary.

We hope the rest of the papers carrying Coulter's column will drop her in support of restoring human decency to political commentary.


March 10th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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And then there were three

According to Media Matters for America, three newspapers have now dropped Coulter's syndicated column due to her "faggot" comment. They are: The Lancaster New Era (Pennsylvania), The Oakland Press (Michigan), and The Mountain Press (Sevierville, Tennessee).

They also have a list of the hundred-odd newspapers that carry her column, and contact information for each one. As is an Illinois-based blog, here are the newspapers in Illinois that carry her column:

(Bloomington) Pantagraph

Bill Wills

(Carbondale) The Southern Illinoisian

James Bennett


(DeKalb) Daily Chronicle

Inger Koch

(Decatur) Herald & Review

Dave Dawson

(Joliet) The Herald News

Bill Wimbiscus

Don't forget to send a letter to the head of the Universal Press Syndicate, asking him to drop Coulter as a columnist.

March 8th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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An enemy in our midst?

Shortly after Coulter's "faggot" comment at this year's CPAC, John Edwards's campaign staff sent out a fund-raising mailer citing her statement, asking people to donate money. On Monday, Coulter claimed on her website that Edwards's campaign manager, David Bonior, is supporting terrorism. Coulter's website is currently down, but Editor & Publisher reports that the note on her website said:

It's always good to divert Bonior from his principal pastime which is fronting for Arab terrorists.

If this is true, it is very serious. A Presidential candidate having a supporter of terrorism on his staff would not only be a great scandal, but possibly a national security risk.

As such, I would like to ask Coulter to immediately contact her local FBI office and report this information. It's not clear if Coulter lives in New York, as she has said on Hannity & Colmes, or in Florida, where she voted, so here is contact information for both local FBI offices:

FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza, 23rd. Floor
New York, New York 10278-0004
(212) 384-1000


FBI North Miami Beach
16320 Northwest Second Avenue
North Miami Beach, Florida 33169-6508
(305) 944-9101

If she is unable to get in contact with the FBI at either of those locations, she can leave a tip for the FBI on their website. They have a contact form specifically for reporting criminal activity, especially if it's terrorism-related.

On the other hand, if she's just throwing around false allegations of criminal acts, well, let's just say she did write an entire book called Slander.

March 7th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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A call to action

The Human Rights Campaign has started a campaign to get the Universal Press Syndicate from carrying Coulter's column. From the release:

Last night, Coulter defended herself on Fox News by saying “faggot" isn’t offensive to gays”. Wrong! We all know the truth is that “faggot” is a loaded word. It is a weapon used to demean and wound our community. And perhaps she should explain to the tens of thousands of gay kids, whose personal safety is too often threatened, that when they are called “faggot” in school hallways and playgrounds, it isn’t anti-gay.

Would so many of our elected officials and members of the news media be so indifferent if Coulter had gone on a racist, anti-Semitic tirade? Of course not. The fact is that everyone should be treating Ann Coulter as the equivalent of David Duke. Because she is.

Take action.

March 6th, 2007 Posted by Eric | 2 comments
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Some backlash notes

The backlash against Coulter's "faggot" comment continues:

  • At least one newspaper has dropped her column over the comment.
  • After being invited onto CNN's Paula Zahn Now and accepting the invitation, Coulter canceled. She did appear on FOX News. Some corners of the "liberal media" must be more acceptable than others.
  • On March 5, Keith Olbermann awarded her the "Worst Person in the World" award.
  • Glenn Greenwald points out that this slur was just another in an ongoing attack on the masculinity of Democrats: "Her aim was not to suggest that Edwards is actually gay, but simply to feminize him like they do with all male Democratic or liberal political leaders."

March 6th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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The pocketbook is where it hurts the most

Interesting. The backlash from Coulter's "faggot" comment at this years CPAC seems to be maintaining its head of steam. A group of right-wing bloggers has written CPAC sponsors, asking them not to invite Coulter back next year. With the amount of publicity her slur has generated, perhaps this will show whether the old "there's no such thing as bad publicity" adage will hold true.

Possibly more importantly is the fact that three companies have pulled their advertising from Coulter's website in response to her attack on Edwards. From CNN:

At least three major companies want their ads pulled from Ann Coulter's Web site, following customer complaints about the right-wing commentator referring to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards as a "faggot."

Verizon, Sallie Mae and Georgia-based NetBank each said they didn't know their ads were on until they received the complaints.

March 5th, 2007 Posted by Eric | no comments
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